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Experience Cartagena Like a local.

Cartagena is a magical place that offers a variety of activities to enjoy the city like learning about the first free town in America, getting a massage in mud, visiting the biggest aviary on the continent or dancing champeta music like Shakira in the Super Bowl. Discover Cartagena by Locals, has tailored the most incredible experiences base on the culture, history and traditions to allow visitors to immerse themself in the routine of a Cartagenero.

Uforgettable activities hosted by a local
Visit the public market and dance like a real local
From $45 USD/person​
Visit a piece of Africa in Colombia
From $100 USD/person
Making cocktails with local flavors
From $45 USD/person​
Learning our history with a local
From $35 USD/person
Dancing out the wall with locals
From $45 USD/person​
Eating street food like a local
From $44 USD/person
Latino music lesson with a local dancer
From $45 USD/person​
Cooking class with a local mom
From $35 USD/person



We are a group of locals in Cartagena looking for giving you the best of our city.  All of us were born and raised in Cartagena, our passion for our city has taken us to design such beautiful experiences with love. 

You won’t have just an amazing experience but you will gain a new frient. We would be happy to show you our real culture the one that is not in any magazine. We know all the details of the daily life of a Cartagena and we are excited to share it with you. We love food, dancing, smiling, laughing and meet new friends from other cultures. 

We would love to host you and give you the opportunity to Discover Cartagena by Locals!

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