Top 5 Best Restaurants in Cartagena

Don’t know where to go for a meal in Cartagena? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Discover Cartagena By Locals’ top 5 best restaurants recommendations!

1. Celele

“Contemporary cuisine based on the gastronomic culture and biodiversity of the Colombian Caribbean territory”

In first place, we have Celele, located on Calle del Espíritu Santo in the Getsemaní neighborhood, a restaurant whose gastronomic offer is based on the Colombian Caribbean.

In 2019, Celele won the “Miele Want To Watch award”, and in 2020, they ranked #49 in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, an accolade bestowed by the renowned global list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.

Chef Jaime Rodriguez uses native ingredients from the Colombian Caribbean region, working hand in hand with small producers, fishermen, artisans, and farmers, while also promoting research with Cartagena’s botanical garden, biologists, and educational institutions.

They gather ancestral recipes and elevate them to haute cuisine.

Celele is more than just a restaurant; it’s a generator of opportunities for the Colombian Caribbean.

Taken from: Celele

2. Carmen Cartagena

“Contemporary cuisine inspired by Colombia”

In second place, we have Carmen, located on Calle 38 # 8-19, Calle del Santísimo, a restaurant whose gastronomic offer is based on contemporary cuisine highlighting Colombian flavors.
Carmen’s menu is described by them as “a journey through Colombia that pays tribute to small artisans, fishermen, and farmers with the best proposals of quality and flavor”.

Taken from: Carmen

3. Alma

“Coastal cuisine from the Colombian Caribbean and Pacific”

In third place, we have Alma, located on Calle de la Universidad # 36-44, a restaurant whose gastronomic offer is based on traditional Cartagena cuisine.
Alma works towards reclaiming local flavors, and their menu is a look back at the gastronomic customs of the region, defined as “a place where ingredients such as coconut and passion fruit, along with Caribbean tubers, dance to the tune of Cartagena’s elegance and exclusivity”.

Taken from: Alma

4. Candé

“100% Cartagenera cuisine”

In fourth place, we have Candé, located in the San Diego neighborhood on Cra 10 # 39-02, a restaurant whose gastronomic offer is based on 100% Cartagena heritage.

Thanks to its location and menu, Candé offers a memorable experience. In 2021, it was recognized as the Best Restaurant at Tablecloths in the national category, awarded by La Barra Magazine.

Taken from: Magazine "Buen Gusto"

5. Mary Zielo

“Author’s cuisine”

Finally, in fifth place, we have Mary Zielo, located in Casa La Escribana, Calle Del Arzobispado, Cra. 5 # 34-63, a restaurant whose gastronomic offer seeks to showcase the tradition and richness of Colombian cuisine and its products.
Mary Zielo’s cuisine is inspired by travels through the national territory, focusing on traditional food, highlighting local products and recipes from Colombian matrons.

Taken from: TripAdvisor
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