Discover Cartagena by Locals: A Constant Presence at Fitur 2024

Discover Cartagena by Locals: A Constant Presence at Fitur 2024

Cartagena, Colombia’s tourism gem, is gearing up to shine once again at the most prominent international tourism fair, Fitur 2024, taking place in Madrid from January 24th to 26th. On this occasion, the iconic company “Discover Cartagena by Locals” joins the Colombian delegation, backed by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, as well as Procolombia, with the mission of conquering new horizons in the tourism sector.

Discover Cartagena by Locals: An Unbreakable Link with Government Support

The consistent presence of Discover Cartagena by Locals at international events not only highlights the beauty and cultural richness of the city but also the unwavering support from the government. This constant support not only strengthens the company’s presence at the international stage but also demonstrates the Colombian government’s commitment to the sustainable tourism growth in Cartagena.
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Fitur 2024: The Global Platform for the Tourism Industry

Fitur, the International Tourism Fair, has become the epicenter of tourism, a place where the world’s most notable tourist destinations come together to showcase their charms and opportunities. Organized by the Madrid Trade Fair Institution (IFEMA), Fitur brings together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and tourism enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, establish networks, and forge strategic alliances. In this context, Discover Cartagena by Locals, once again decided to put its best suit to go forward and represent Cartagena’s wonders to a global audience. The fair provides a unique platform to display the cultural diversity, historical richness, and unique experiences that Cartagena has to offer to visitors from around the world.

Discover Cartagena by Locals at Fitur 2024: More than Participation, an Exceptional Representation

Discover Cartagena presents itself as more than just a tourism company; it is the authentic voice of Cartagena de Indias. Its consistent participation at Fitur not only emphasizes its commitment to tourism promotion but also its role as an ambassador of local culture and Cartagena’s hospitality.

Discover Cartagena by Locals, More than a Company, a Cultural Bridge at Fitur 2024

Discover Cartagena by Locals‘ participation at Fitur 2024 is a testament to the company’s long-term vision and commitment to the growth of tourism in Cartagena. By representing the city’s authenticity and offering unique experiences, Discover Cartagena by Locals positions itself as a cultural bridge, connecting travelers worldwide with the richness and warmth that Cartagena has to offer. In such a prestigious event like Fitur, Discover Cartagena by Locals’ presence is not only an opportunity to attract new markets but also to solidify its position as a key reference in the tourism industry. Cartagena, through companies like Discover Cartagena by Locals, continues to enchant the world, leaving a lasting mark on the global tourism scene.

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