If you think about coming to Colombia, you may ask yourself,  What to do in Cartagena? There are many things you can’t miss in this city, but definitely you have to visit  the Getsemaní district. Here, you learn about the street art in Cartagena. Firstly, this neighborhood is not just famous for the beauty of their streets but also for the history and for all the murals that make this place unique in Cartagena.

About history!

The history of the Getsemani neighborhood begins as the first suburb (neighborhoods outside the old city) where slaves, serfdom and slave traders lived at the time.The revolution of the independence started in this neighborhood,  when the Cuban Pedro Romero led the revolution against Spaniards on november 11 in 1811.

Places to visit

There are other importants places in the Getsemani neighborhood like the “Parque Centenario” where you can see small monkeys and slots. The town hall payed the construction of this partk to commemorate the first centenary of the independence of the city. Another important place that is listed in this experience to see is the convention center.

About  street art in Cartagena

After many years, the Getsemani neighborhood was  one of the poorest areas in Cartagena, however, in 2005-2006 foreings  investmented in the neighborhood, after that, Getsemaní become an attraction for travellers, especially backpackers. In addittion, in 2013 a mural fest took place in this neighborhood organized by Vertigo. For 3 days 30 artists from Colombia and around the world made the city bright with their talent. Since then, street art in Getsemani is one of the things to do in Cartagena.This event  transformed Getsemaní into a bohemian place where locals and visitors love to have fun.

Book our street art tour in Getsemaní…

To learn the meaning of the curious street names and the more than 20 pieces of graffiti that embellish the walls and facades of the houses in this neighborhood.This experience will give you an understanding as to why the Getsemaní neighborhood is on the list of the most beautiful neighborhood in the world according to Forbes magazine in 2018, and the coolest according to TripAdvisor in 2017. This experience provides history and culture from its streets to the beauty of their graffiti.
These are some of the artist’s work you will  learn about it : Jade Rivera , Fin Dac, Pez y flan, Yurika and many others.


  • Hotel pick up in the old city and Getsemaní
  • Bottled water
  • Bilingual professional tour guide ( English – Spanish)
  • 2 hours discovering about local culture, history and street art





10:00 am or 4:00 pm


2 hours

Meeting point

Plaza de la Trinidad


Private experience



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