Coffee. ¡The aroma of Colombia!

If you like coffee, you must have tried Colombian coffee. Its aroma and flavor definitely makes this coffee the best in the world. So, if you are planning or you already are in Colombia, you can’t miss this experience.  We invite you to discover the aroma of this magic country. ¡It’s coffee!.

Talking about Colombia is talking about coffee. Colombian coffee is characterized by its quality and the pleasure that comes with enjoying sips of this beverage. Colombia has managed to position itself as a coffee destination not only because of the excellent geographical and climatic conditions of the Andes, but also because of the strict controls over coffee production, since we guarantee the quality of attributes such as fragrance, aroma, flavor, acidity and body.

Due to our ability to grow coffee throughout  years and our advanced technology, Colombia is known as the largest coffee producing country in the world. In this experience, we will visit one of the most important coffee shops in the country to learn about the Colombian coffee regions, crops, to learn about the aromas and flavors of Colombian coffee and the difference between the bitter, sweet ,salty, fruity and floral aromas.

Be ready, to discover the Colombian coffee world.


  • Bilingual coffee expert ( English or Spanish)
  • Water
  • A complete explanation of coffee production
  • A coffee sensory experience
  • San Alberto apron
  • San Alberto coffee cup
  • San Alberto Diploma




It depends on the availability


1 hour

Meeting point

Café San Alberto


Private experience



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