Every Cartagenero identifies himself with champeta music. In it’s beginning this genre was just popular in the lower social class. These people identified with their lyrics since the main theme was about the hard life of less privileged people. Because of this reason, this genre was discriminated against the high social class until lyrics changed. Since that, champeta has become more popular than ever, even more so since Shakira’s stunning performance  with this rhythm.

In the 70's African music invaded Cartagena and as time went by the Cartageneros did not understand the language of the lyrics of this rhythm, so they created what is known today  as CHAMPETA MUSIC. The sound of  champeta is directly related to  the rumba of the Congo and Zaire, the soukous of Central Africa. This rhythm was displayed the 2020 Super Bowl dance through the movements of Shakira, one  of the most important artists of our country.

Champeta music simulates the beat of the African notes but using the Spanish language. its name comes from the "machetilla" called champeta by the popular class. In this experience we will learn about this music and its culture, the history that has made this genre discriminated and loved by others, we will live a completely Cartagena experience with the local flavor. We will learn to move our hips to the sound of  champeta music, and experience a "picó" party. Picó, is a huge sound system that plays in local neighborhoods where people go to dance champeta and live the popular culture.

We will dance on stage while we cool off with beer and we will undoubtedly immerse ourselves in the true Cartagena.


  • Transportation
  • Local bilingual assistance ( English-Spanish)
  • Bottled water
  • 4 beers
  • Local dancer
  • Champeta class
  • Picó concert tickets
  • 2 hours of picó party
  • Hand sanitizer




7:00 pm


5 hours

Meeting point

"La caponera" Bar


Shared experience



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